About Us:
We are a small hobbyist breeder dedicated to producing loving healthy Tonkinese Kittens to bring many years of joy and happiness to your life.  Our kittens are raised in our home, in a very clean environment and handled from birth to insure proper socialization! Our breeding cats, as well as our kittens, are fed Royal Canin Dry Kitten Food, which can be found at your local 
Petsmart. We highly recommend that you feed your Cat/Kitten the same food once leaving our home. Kittens come with a Starter Kit which includes a Small Bag of the Royal Canin Dry Kitten Food, Kitten care Pamphelet and a small can of Royal Canin canned food.  Our Kittens are guaranteed to be free of Felv and FIV and we also give a 6 month congenital defect guarantee. Pet purpose kittens are sold on a Neuter/Spay contract and their limited ACA registration papers will be supplied once proof of spay/neuter is supplied to breeder. We breed for all four colors, Natural, Blue, Champagne, and Platinum in all three coat patterns, Solid, Mink, and Pointed!
About the Tonkinese:
The Tonkinese blends the best features of its ancestors into one beautiful, medium-sized cat that is remarkably Dense and muscular.
Whether appearing in the coat pattern of its Burmese predecessor, with sparkling gold-green eyes, the pointed pattern of it Siamese ancestor, with glittering blue eyes, or the "mink" coat pattern seen in the show ring, with its unique aqua eyes, the Tonkinese is an intelligent, gregarious cat with a sense of humor.  These cats are firmly convinced that humans were put on earth to love them; these are the cats that know they belong.

The colorful personality of the Tonkinese make them ideal companions.  They will take possession of your lap and shoulder, and they will supervise your activities.  They are warm and loving, highly intelligence, with an incredible memory and senses that are akin to radar.  They are strong willed, and their humans are wise to use persistent persuasion in training them.  They are naturals at inventing and playing games, using favorite toys to play fetch, and delighting in games of tag with each other.  Of course hide 'n seek is a favorite game, which they play with humans as well as other Tonks.  They become your "door greeter" and will happily entertain your guests.  They have been described by enthusiastic owners as part puppy (following their owner around the house), part monkey (their "acrobatics" are legend!), and can sound like an elephant running through your house when they choose.  In short: they quickly take over and run your house and your life!  Their affectionate ways are impossible to ignore, and they quickly endear themselves to family and visitors.